Exploring Cycling Data with Python, Strava and PostgreSQL

For those of you who don’t know, Strava is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS. I have been using Strava religiously for tracking all my cycling activities since April 2012 which has obviously left quite a large footprint in terms of data points. The website itself serves as a fantastic interface to track and analyse all your activities, however being the data junkie that I am, I was after having all my historical data stored in a local database so I could easily query my own data using SQL and build some dashboards using […]

The psycopg2 library and execution speed

The psycopg2 library is by far the most popular PostgresSQL adapter to use with Python. I have personally used it extensively to build a number of ETL frameworks across many organisations and have found it extremely easy to use and very versatile. One area which I have found the library to struggle with is inserting/updating large amounts of data into database tables. The library comes with (what I thought at the time) a nice and performant method executemany(query, params) which executes a SQL query against a list of vars. I assumed that the executemany() method would be the fastest way […]